Out of Print

Date & Time

27 Feb - 19 Mar 2018
10am - 10pm


The Arts House, Gallery 1
1 Old Parliament Lane




Curated by poet Daryl Lim Wei Jie and presented by Sing Lit Station, Out of Print showcases the history and early development of Singapore literature alongside modern graphic design techniques, shining the spotlight on significant literary works that had left an impact on our cultural landscape.

Visitors to the exhibition will discover the historical importance of 16 titles published between 1965 and 1995 and appreciate contemporary reinterpretations of their covers art directed by Sarah and Schooling. Combining various media and design approaches such as typography, illustration, photography and printing techniques, the artworks inject fresh energy, curiosity and interest in past literary works that might be forgotten in our present-day understanding of local literature.

The exhibition is organised as part of Textures.

9 March, 8pm: Singapore Design Week 2018: A tour of ‘Out of Print’ with Sarah and Schooling

10 March, 2pm and 4pm: A tour of ‘Out of Print’ with Sing Lit Station

11 March, 2pm and 4pm: A tour of ‘Out of Print’ with Sing Lit Station

Organised By

Sing Lit Station & Sarah and Schooling

About the Organiser

Sing Lit Station is a non-profit organisation, registered charity and Institution of Public Character (IPC); through our programmes and initiatives, we want to be a platform where readers and writers can meet.

Sarah and Schooling is a two-woman graphic design studio based in Singapore. An ardent supporter of Singapore’s literary scene, the studio is actively involved in designing books and publications across multiple genres.