Date & Time

9 Mar - 1 Apr 2018
Fri - Sun
10am - 10pm


The Arts House
Gallery II
1 Old Parliament Lane


Free, minimum donation for artwork created


ModBlake is a three-hour performance/workshop organised in conjunction with the exhibition Auguries of Modern Innocence, a contemporary rewrite of William Blake’s classic poem Auguries of Innocence.

During the workshop, participants will pick a poetic fragment from Blake’s poems and put a modern spin to it. After that, their chosen illustrator will create a quick 15-minute custom drawing of their poem for a minimum donation.

The Auguries of Modern Innocence exhibition surfaces the troubles facing our world today, with various auguries presented as portents of a possible apocalyptic future if we were to continue unheeded on our current trajectories of consumption. The poem is illustrated collaboratively as a series of prints by eight of Singapore’s leading graphic and comic illustrators, including Dan Wong, Jerry Teo, Neo Ann Gee, Chen Yan Yun, Brenna Tan, Caleb Tan, Russell Ong and Wu Yanrong, with each illustrator working on a few stanzas and integrating the text into their artwork.

The poem and prints are available as a limited edition book that will be available for sale at the venue.

The workshop and exhibition are organised as part of Textures.

Organised By

Marc Nair

About the Organiser

Marc Nair is a poet and photographer from Singapore. He has published seven volumes of poetry. A recipient of the 2016 Young Artist Award, he was also the 2016-17 NTU-NAC National Writer in Residence. 

Auguries of Modern Innocence is a collaboration between Marc and Dan Wong, of Good Citizen, and features seven other graphic artists: Jerry Teo, Neo Ann Gee, Chen Yan Yun, Brenna Tan, Caleb Tan, Russell Ong and Wu Yanrong.