In The Mood For Words

Date & Time

11 Mar 2018
11am – 2pm


The Arts House
Play Den
1 Old Parliament Lane




In The Mood for Words is a two-part durational experience that spans three hours. It hopes to open up a quiet space for participants to read and create (“In The Mood to Write”), and provide a conducive space for them to read aloud their creations, giving voice to soundless words (“In The Mood to Read”).

The session is based on 《房间絮语》(Discourse in a Room), a collection of prose written by Neo Hai Bin over the past ten years. In his writing practice, he attempts to open two kinds of “spaces” to facilitate his writing: a “Physical Space” and an “Internal Space”. The “Physical Space” allows him to indulge in writing and creating with a quiet mind. The “Internal Space” helps him to develop daily observation and a caring heart for the society and the world, which then help his creation.  

This programme is in Mandarin and organised as part of Textures.



息.字亭试图为参与者提供3小时的阅读与创作体验,打开一个进行文字创作的实体空间 (“写意空间 ”) ;继而打开一个朗读、欣赏创作的心理空间 (“页读空间 ”) 。让无声的文字有发声的可能,让口腔唇齿咀嚼文字的味道。

息.字亭是以《房间絮语》为一个基础。《房间絮语》是梁海彬十年磨剑的作品。 在写作的练习中,他一直在为自己打开两种空间:实体空间和心理空间。实体空间让他有机会静心、慎独、创作。 心理空间让他有意识地关心社会、体察世界,用文字与世界对话。

Organised By

Global Publishing

About the Organiser

Global Publishing is an imprint of World Scientific Publishing that focuses on Chinese publication.

Global Publishing is committed to the development of Chinese publishing in Singapore and at the same time we provide a cultural platform for Chinese worldwide. We focus on introducing the works of Chinese authors and actively promote all arts and cultural activities.


Jointly organised with: 微.Wei Collective

ABOUT “微.Wei Collective

“微.Wei Collective” was formed by theatre practitioners Liu Yong Huay and Neo Hai Bin in 2017. Liu Yong Huay is a lighting designer by practice; Neo Hai Bin is an actor and a writer. They are interested in the performance of space, and how the combination of materials and movements can allow one to experience the breath of a space. They believe in taking time to dive into the overlooked, the subtle, the negligible; and hence finding depth in these details. In September 2017, they explored and presented “Breath @ Nine Years Theatre”, opening up a theatre rehearsal studio, and presenting a performance in the space.